Tory Test and Trace Shambles Exposes Us to Second Wave

Tory Test and Trace Shambles Exposes Us to Second Wave

Mick Hall decries the Tories’ test-and-trace system where private companies take the money and the public takes the hit. And he asks – where was the Labour opposition while this farce was unfolding?

The only certainly about the omnishambles which is Test, Track and Trace in England is no senior minister in the Tory government will resign over their failure.

Boris Johnson has had months to sort it out, having told the general public bar a vaccine, it’s going to be the best way to combat another Covid-19 spike.

The total failure to factor in schools re-opening in September, and human nature, have led to the present crises which is of the government’s own making. When Covid-19 first hit the fan people rushed out to strip supermarkets of toilet paper, etc. What did the government think they would do today when it looks like the second spike is on the way – sit on their hands?

Having been told that until there is a vaccine, testing is the best way to combat the virus and this resulted in many having panicked and rushed to be tested. Rather than dealing with it in an orderly way until the panicking subsided, the testing system collapsed as if it were built on sand. For Dame Dido Harding to then claim no one saw this coming beggars belief.

The government have now decreed the so called ‘best testing regime in the world’ has to be rationed, so out goes the window it’s original claim the best way to combat the virus is to get a test and if it’s positive, stay at home or call 111 if very ill.

In the meantime in Germany, they have a testing regime which for example demands all passengers flying into Frankfurt and other airports take a test on their arrival, and the results come through before they leave the airport in approximately one hour. 

Yet, despite the government’s long list of failures and U-turns when dealing with Covid-19 and other matters, the Labour Party opposition is still not streets ahead in the opinion polls. So why is this?  

I would suggest it’s because having refused to take the fight to the Tories head on, and offering an alternative vision, Sir Keir Starmer support of the government, if a little critically, is acting as if he’s a member of a coalition government, not the leader of the opposition.

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