About Us

Thurrock Labour Left are a network of socialists active in the Labour Party, trade unions and the local community. We seek to develop the politics of socialism: locally, nationally and internationally.

We reject apathy and parochialism in favour of the participation of all Labour members, supporters and trade unionists in the radical transformation and democratisation of society.

Local groups are kept alive by debate and whither when they bury divisions. We believe that honest political discussion is an essential part of developing capable organisers who can analyse strategic problems, talk clearly and persuasively about Labour policies, and build effective campaigns for change.

In order to continue growing, the Thurrock Labour Party must become more diverse, cultivate our members’ political capabilities and engage a higher percentage of our membership. It must promote a safe, accessible and welcoming environment in person and online.

Thurrock Labour Left does not have all the answers. Those who write for the blog speak for themselves. But together we have enough confidence in the strength of socialist politics to believe that they will win through and grow stronger in the free competition of ideas.

We want our readers not to be passive but actively involved in developing the project. Send us articles, write comments, make proposals and share criticisms. If you would like to submit an article or to pitch an idea, please email editor@thurrocklabourleft.co.uk

Thurrock Labour Left are not connected to other political organisations but work alongside others who fight for a socialist-led government.